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The Lies You've Told Yourself... Is The Very Reason Why You Keep Attracting Those Same 'Ole Type Of Guys..

What If I Told You..

I Have A New Lie, That Will Get You Your Spouse (and quite honestly, any other heartfelt goal you want to achieve..) 
I’m Magdalina Sylvain, founder of Allwayz R.E.D.D, LLC (In All Wayz Remain Enlightened and Defeat Deception )
I’ve got a deeply personal Book for you that I wrote called "How I Lied My Way To The Altar.. And Now Im Happily Married!"

In this book, I go over my journey and the strategies I employed to finally attract my husband.   
So if you’ve been struggling with falling into the same tireless cycles of heartbreak, frustration, and time wasted on unfruitful relationships like I did, then you need this book.
Among other things, this book reveals:
- How I finally broke free of those hurtful cycles of heartbreak, deception and disappointment

- What is the ONE focus that was stopping me from attracting my spouse... Its probably the same one stopping you.

- The steps I took to attract my spouse to me, all by a strategy I called "Lying My Way To The Altar".. and How You can use that same strategy too

It's actually a timeless strategy which is also taught in the bible, but so few people actually pay attention to the power in it, let alone use it.
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Now, I have to admit, its not the most comfortable thing to let you into so much intimate details about my life.. Some have even asked me why I divulged so much.

Well, it’s because I know there are a lot of women who are going through the same things as I did. Similar trials and tribulations.. The same emotional roller-coasters, dealing with the same games, lies, deceptions and the same 'ole tiring cycles and are just fed up with it. 

I want to give you some inspiration and some direction.. Trust me, I've been through it too.. And this is how we conquer the adversity!

This message has been in my heart for years, and although I fought it over and over again, God won't let this message die in my heart unspoken.

With that, I'm compelled to share it with as many women (even men too) as possible, hoping I reach that one who will take the message and use it to empower and transform herself to her God-Designed Ideal Self. 

And it's that very transformation, that will make you recognizable to the spouse for you.

God wants you to find your spouse, he designed YOU for him. Man (both men and women) was never meant to be alone.

So, order the book and come along the journey with me...

And If you find that you don’t love it, that's fine, I’ll refund your money, AND you can keep the Book.

I pray that the message that you needed to hear, you find in the book and act upon it.

Much Blessings To You,
Magdalina Sylvain (Nina)
  About The Author:
Magdalina Sylvain has practiced the art of finding her ideal husband for over 15 years. By developing a step by step guideline she was able to lie her way to the Altar despite all the people who told her she would never get married.  

She went beyond the norm and took gallops of faith which lead her in the arms of her husband.  

Magdalina is Currently married to Dudley Sylvain and has two beautiful girls.  

Today she shares her story in hopes to help women who are yearning to be married but just cannot seem to find Mr. Right. She too spent sleepless nights and was able to finally stop the cycle of "single me" and wants the same for you! 
  Check out What Some of the People who got a sneak peek Are Saying:
“A great and simple read, both heart-wrenching and joyful at the same time. Both Magdalina and her book are beautiful and inspiring! The book offers a true testament that the darkest times turn to light with love, patience, and above all—faith. Those looking for love and those who have already found it can truly relate to not only the suffering in the journey of life but also the experiences of love, peace, and eternal happiness!”
- Keli A.
Cape Coral, FL
“I read it four times and counting! This book is what every girl needs. It’s inspiring, edifying, and super REALISTIC. I’ve never in my life had a woman open up and share information as intimately as Magdalina does in this book. It opened my eyes. It made me realize how the fear of judgement or criticism could inhibit the growth of another. It was straight forward and contains the message that God wants to get across to us, and does, through this book. What Magdalina says really sticks.”
- Ann D.
Freeport, NY
“This novel is a heartwarming autobiography which is so exciting that, as you are reading it, you want to know what happens next as Magdalina journeys to find love and happiness. Her references to the Bible demonstrate how her faith in God and love for Him (both in her mind and in her heart) helped her and sustained her through her most difficult struggles. The novel shows how Magdalina self-reflected on her experiences and then in turn, she tells her audience how they too can use the bible (just as she did) to help them get through any difficult experience.”
- Ebony T.
Queens, NY
“This book, a true story of heartbreak and success, really hits hard emotionally, spiritually, and intellectually. Magdalina shares her sufferings with you, gives you the hard core truth about things, recounts how she overcame overwhelming adversities and heartbreak, and then tells you how you too can overcome the trials and tribulations that beset you when all seems hopeless. She gives you inspiration and advice and supports everything she says with fact from the greatest source/resource known to mankind—God and God’s word in the Bible. So if you want a good story, inspiration, motivation, or answers … you’ll find them in this book. “
-Grace M.
Grove, OK
So Are You Ready To Be Enlightened And Inspired?

Wanna Know How I "Lied My Way To The Altar.." And How I Used This Strategy To Find My Mr. Right? 
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